UT Hot Shot Bugatti Selfie


Exotic Car Transport

Brokering and shipping exotics across North America, 365 days a year.

I’m clean cut and speak English. The other guys can’t say that.



UT Hot Shot Ferrari Selfie


Exotic Driver/Wheel Man

Ask any driver. Any real driver. It doesn’t matter if you drive fast or your drive slow.

Driving is Driving and I’m a Bad Ass.



UT Hot Shot Mc Laren For Sale


Exotic Cars For Sale

I know exotics from every country in the game. I’m connected deep in the industry and I find deals on hard to find exotics.


I am the only man you need

Drop those other guys that you rely on for your exotic car needs. I’m your go-to when you need anything car related.

  • Need an exotic transported? I’ve got the equipment to get it picked up and delivered without dust or damage. Insured with $2M in cargo just in case.
  • Need a new exotic car for your collection? I’ve got the list of what is available and what could be available. Place your order and I’ll deliver!
  • Need a Exotic Wheel Man? I can drive harder than your guy. I can get in and out of any situation without hesitation. I don’t ask questions. I don’t talk to nobody.


Next Steps…

Take a deep breath and grab your phone, then call UT Hot Shot and let’s talk.

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